CoCreation Zone Fall 2017 Workshop Details

Each workshop contains 2 hours of content and is held in Lambertville City Hall, 18 York St Lambertville, NJ 08530 

(If you lead a group and would like Sue to conduct one of these workshops at your convenience, venue and meeting date please call Sue on 678 628 4230)
Wednesday September 6th      7-9pm
Feeling stuck - in need of inspiration and help to move forward? 
  • Are you feeling frustrated, afraid? Out of ideas, want to get going, but can't seem to move forward? Worried about mounting bills and dwindling clients? 
  • Join me for a night of fun and interactivity that will give you tools to get you back in the flow, fired up and moving! You will leave with a sense of purpose, clear next steps and strategies to keep you focused on your success.
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Thursday September 14th      7-9pm
Find perfect clients - the ones who really "get" and love you! 
  • Clients come in all guises. Perfect clients seek out your help and love you when they receive it from you! They’re a pleasure to work with. Tonight we’ll focus on how to identify, find and engage these people. Stop marketing to everyone and switch to engaging the right people who seek you out, and appreciate you. 
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Saturday September 23rd      10am-12pm
Identify and own your Genius Zone – love your business AND your life
  • Taking the time to identify and embrace your Zone of Genius will set you up for happiness, success and sustainability in your business. 
  • Join me for an interactive workshop that will help you identify and leverage this critical tool, make you stand out from the crowd, and position you to love your business (and your life!)
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Tuesday October 3rd      7-9pm
Effective strategies with difficult clients (turn them into advocates!) 
  • Businesses thrive and fail on the customers they cultivate or lose. Sometimes you need to let a customer go, but a better outcome (if you can), is to keep them and nurture them into becoming an advocate instead. The question is how to make that happen, without selling your soul, compromising your pricing, or over-giving with your service? 
  • Tonight we will examine ways to transform a challenging customer relationship, into a source of new business!

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Tuesday October 10th      7-9pm
How to make Facebook work for your business
  • Facebook has more monthly active users than WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram combined.  There are 1.15 billion mobile daily active users, and the average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes.  
This introductory talk will provide insights, tips and strategies for harnessing this opportunity to grow your business and reach more people using this extensive platform

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Thursday October 26th      7-9pm
Write a Bullet-Proof Business plan (in 6 pages or less)
  • A short, to the point, well thought-out business plan can be inspiring, confidence-making and provide much-needed focus. Make good decisions that support your business and life goals by using a simple proven approach.. Leave with a template and tools that can give you everything you need

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All workshops are $25, paid ahead of time, or $30 at the door

Parking is on street. Parking meters are present on streets close to the center of town.  There are no meters north of City Hall.
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