“Invisible to Unstoppable!”

in 24 weeks or less!
Borrow my Brain to Expedite Success and GROW your business beyond anything you’ve ever thought possible!

The Secret’s out: Doing Business in a Vacuum is HARD!
Not a day goes by when you’re not dealing with money problems, marketing, technical issues, worry and distractions. 

You’re constantly over working…so much for the myth of the sun kissed entrepreneur lifestyle.  Instead…. 
  • You’re tired of feeling under-appreciated and under paid
  • You watch while others with half your experience and credentials enjoy financial success and recognition.
  • You feel like a best kept secret …and don’t know why
  • You don’t want a Band-Aid, you want a SOLUTION.
  • …And you’re weary trying to figure it all out on your own…
And worst of all, as long as you keep repeating the same mistakes of the past (unbeknownst to you), you’ll continue to sabotage your results.
3 Harmful Beliefs That Sabotage Your Efforts
Belief #1 — You believe that you can win the battle on your own.  You don’t see the value of hiring skilled mentors to help you avoid the costly mistakes (you don’t know you’re making).

Belief #2 — You believe that if you just work a little harder and focus a little better that success will eventually be yours.  What you fail to see is that success requires a proven, strategic and systemized process that will help you achieve your short term, medium term and long-term goals.

Belief #3 — You believe that you don’t need to learn marketing because you’re a conscious, heart-based business owner.  And you hate the idea of having to promote yourself to make sales (those “shoddy” practices are reserved for the sleazy salespeople and certainly not applicable to your business).
What If I told You That You’ve Got It All Wrong?
That Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Pushy or Sleazy and That You Can Learn a Systemized, Proven Process to Position Your Business as the Leader it Deserves to be?

Even if you’re a one-person business…
a solo entrepreneur, a coach, or a consultant
are only just getting started 
and have no idea who your ideal client is!
Introducing from
“Invisible to Unstoppable!”
A 24 week 1:1 Mentoring Program for Heart-Based small business owners, coaches, consultants and solo entrepreneurs...
Because if you want to lead with authentic autonomy, you need a business intervention that helps you to:
  • GALVANIZE the marketplace, with ease.
  • RISE to the top of your industry, with strategic marketing.
  • OPTIMIZE your processes and marketing, to save precious time.
  • WOW your audience, with your skills and expertise.
Is This You?
  • You have an URGENT desire for things to be different from the way they are now.
  • You've tried without a plan, and need one that WORKS
  • You want great (affordable) sales and marketing, and don't know where to start.
  • You want financial freedom and control over your own destiny
  • You have a dream to manifest - using your unique talents and experience, and are ready to do what it takes to be successful!
In Just 24 weeks You Can Expect to...
  • Feel focused and confident, and super clear about your goals.
  • Know how to engage your perfect customer, and have persuasive marketing messages that connect with your audience, with effortless ease.
  • Develop sales and marketing skills that feel authentic and comfortable, in alignment with your values, without feeling pushy.
  • Possess a comprehensive plan of action that exponentially grows your impact, and engages great customers who are ready to work with you now!
  • Have a business structure that sets you up for success and quality of life.
  • Create a simple, realistic financial plan that is motivating and congruent with your business activities.
What’s Inside the 
“Invisible to Unstoppable!” 
Mentoring Program?
A 3-step structured approach to success:


9 Modules of in depth content, teaching and exercises

Weekly 1:1 coaching calls from the comfort of your home or in-person

A password protected, private portal, containing ALL your course materials and module recordings.
Clarify your Vision and Direction

Strategize your Actions

Upgrade your Skills

Optimize your Environment

Master your Mindset
9 Modules and 24 weeks to Achieving 
Your Potential!
STEP ONE: Fundamentals:

Module 1: Week 1 & 2
“Right Start” – Get clear on your 16-week course goals. Set yourself up to make the most of your “Invisible to Unstoppable” investment. Understand how each module will build the platform your business needs to succeed. Understand exactly what to do right now to optimize your efforts for success. Evaluate and Identify opportunities to optimize your time management, including your business and coaching related needs. Get important marketing tips and pointers to consider, when selecting business name.

Module 2:  Week 3  
Your “Genius Zone” Optimize your potential for success, based on your unique talents.   Fully understand the skills, aptitudes and experience that make up your profile.   Understand how these can be combined to support your business proposition.  Understand how your strengths may be leveraged, and find new ways to manage/eliminate unproductive activities that suck your valuable time. Identify behaviors that might impede your progress (we all have them!) and implement strategies to mitigate their impact.

Module 3: Week 4 & 5  
Bulletproof Business Plan:  Go from crossing your fingers to taking control of your business growth and destiny. Identify clear, achievable steps that build over time to create your success including: keeping it simple, creating objectives, and setting goals that focus your activities. Break down bigger steps (3 years and 1 year) into achievable quarterly priorities and incorporate a weekly practice of prioritizing 3 activities that will steadily make your dream a reality.
STEP TWO: Marketing Foundation

Module 4: Week 6 & 7 
Your Ideal Customer:  Eliminate the unreliable nature of sales from “anyone who might buy”, and instead generate a deliberate, reliable stream of great clients who are ready to work with you. Get super clear on your ideal clients’ profile – their urgent needs, and pain points they’re ready to address (and pay for), the transformation they seek, and the significance of this change in their lives. Appreciate the full significance (and nuance) of what you offer to this person or group of people so you’re set up to create the perfect offer for them, and communicate it in a compelling way. 

Module 5: Week 8 & 9  
Focused Offer: Move from unstructured to streamlined. Work to understand your business context relative to your competition. Use this understanding to position yourself competitively. Meaningfully differentiate from the crowd in your customers’ eyes. Use this knowledge and the insights from Module 4 to structure and price a “pyramid” of offers (from low to high value) tailored to meet your ideal clients’ needs and level of engagement readiness. Deliver quality and value at every level to develop client trust and stature as an authority, which is critical in generating repeat business, higher level investment, and to capture of all important referrals and testimonials

Module 6: Week 10, 11 & 12
Create Your Message: Transform the impact of the words you use in your sales and marketing (and words are used in just about everything!). Make ‘blah’ copy a thing of the past, and keep your customers reading instead! Create a compelling set of messages that attract and engage your ideal customer. Learn to distinguish features and benefits and use this knowledge to increase message impact. Use the insights gained in Module 4 to powerfully focus on your customer needs and desires. Learn to “sell the sizzle, before the steak” for increased impact. Develop basic skills to exponentially increase engagement across all your marketing communications (web site, email campaign, Facebook page, brochures, sales conversations etc)

Module 7  Week 13 &14 
Your Marketing Strategy:  Splatter gun to laser focused. Plan the optimal suite of tools and tactics you need to meet your marketing goals. Simplicity, consistency and impact with a few simple well executed tactics first, then build. Add to your complexity once the basics are under your belt. No tactic should stand alone. Know exactly how they all fit together to create maximum impact. Create a “timeline at a glance” that includes time required for preparation and roll out. Make sure the planned synergies will work in practice. Maximize your marketing investment. 
Prepare for module 8 and create simple effective branding that will last, starting with your logo, colors, fonts. Become recognizable for all the right reasons (avoid expensive missteps/redos)

Module 8  Week 15, 16, 17, & 18
Action Plan Fundamentals:  With coaching support, create the suite of materials planned in module 7. Use Module 6 outputs to as a basis for the copy for tactics you have planned. Combine these with the simple branding elements from module 7. Create the details of the high-end course you outlined in Module 5. End this module with your marketing materials on target for launch readiness.

Module 9  Week 19 & 20
Confidence with Customers:  Increase your confidence when selling to customers, without the “used-car” feeling… Learn how to approach sales interactions with integrity, honesty and healthy boundaries. Conduct your conversations in a compelling way so your potential customers feel good about the experience – and the right customers (your ideal customers) buy! Learn how to nurture a sale so that customers not currently ready to buy, remain engaged for when they are ready. Become more aware of your impact on potential clients. Avoid inadvertently losing someone you know you could have helped, had they not been put off or failed to engage to the point of the sale with you.
Apply for “Under-Recognized to In-Demand!” Mentoring Program Now. Limited Spots Available!

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Valid from the start date of the program, If “Under-Recognized to In-Demand in 24 Weeks or Less” is not working for you, you’ve been doing the work, and I can’t help you get unstuck, I'll refund your money, minus the month we have invested together.  

Meet Sue Begent 

(The Brains Behind the CoCreation Zone!) 

For 25 years I had a successful corporate marketing career including product launches, lifecycle management, strategic planning and sales...much of it sophisticated and some of it (almost) do-it-yourself. I know all those tricky ins and outs that only come with experience, and I've lived through many, if not most common business challenges.

In early 2016 I became a solo entrepreneur and learned a whole new way of doing business. I experienced for myself what it’s like for new coaches and consultants - and I invested heavily in the best training in the business to make the transition.

Today, I bring you the combination of deep experience and a raft of new knowledge and skills. Combine my business brain with your knowledge and talents to unleash your potential. and get you where you most want to go.
Why make all the mistakes in the book? Use my experience (and memorable fails!) to make sure you achieve the success you deserve without struggle, frustration or feeling alone.

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