From Confusion to Clarity 
in 14 weeks!

3 Steps to Business Success
At the end of this course you will

  • Feel focused, and confident, be super clear on your goals, and have a rock-solid action plan!
  • Know how to engage your ideal customer, with resonant marketing messages that work in ALL of your marketing.
  • Have a compelling set of offerings that attract, engage and re-engage your ideal clients
  • Develop effective sales skills that feel authentic and comfortable, without being pushy.
  • Confidently roll out a plan of action that exponentially grows your impact
  • Realize a new level of passion and confidence, underpinned by a straightforward financial plan that's motivating, and founded on realistic business goals.
How does it work?
The 3 Steps to Business Success for small business owners, coaches and solo entrepreneurs, is a personal structured coaching plan that guides you to create or refine the crucial elements that underpin your business growth.
There are 2 options: Join a group course, or receive 1:1 coaching

Either way, you receive personal support and coaching every step of the way, so you always know you're headed in the right direction.  

1. Build the Foundation:  
  1. Get clear on your goals, Revisit (or create) your business foundation.  
  2. Find and amplify your "zone of genius" (so you're operating efficiently, from a place of joy and personal, as well as financial reward) 
  3. Create your first bullet-proof, "profit-first", business plan.

2. Create the Fundamentals:
  1. Identify and learn everything relevant about your "ideal customer". Intimately understand their fears, and frustrations, goals, and dreams in relation to what you do. 
  2. Design your offering(s) to meet their needs, with room to scale 
  3. Communicate with them in a deeply resonant way.

3. Marketing that works, sell with confidence: Create IMPACT!:
  1. Build your personalized, promotional plan, specific to the exact needs of your business 
  2. Create compelling materials you need to serve your audience, (including the creation of basic branding elements).
  3. Start selling in an honest and genuine way, that feels good to you and your clients - and brings you business you love.
What's Included?
  1. 9 training modules on the key outlined topics 
  2. All course material and templates
  3. 12 x 1:1 weekly personal coaching sessions with Sue (55 minutes each)
  4. A secure, private client folder, containing all materials and links to coaching session recordings
  5. 12 month access to course materials and recordings through your Personal Private Client folder
AND... (if you want to take it further), an additional 12 coaching sessions (beyond your initial 12), at a special rate reserved for established clients.

How much time will you need to spend outside coaching sessions?
Already have your own business?  

Together we will make your business a well honed machine.  For you, some exercises may be easier and take less time, compared to someone brand new.  
Budget for about 2 hours of homework a week

Starting out?   

This is a great place to be.  14 weeks will give you all the fundamentals you need to be successful.   You'll know exactly what to do, feel focused and confident with specific next steps to drive your business forward.
Allocate around 3 hours of homework time a week.

YOU control the speed of your own progress.  
Need more time to "process" and assimilate the concepts, or don't always have the "homework" hours to dedicate per week?  

Extend your coaching at a favorable rate for established clients.  Ask Sue for details.  My goal is to support you at exactly the pace that is right for you.

Working together is flexible. Whatever your geography, all you need is a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. We work face to face virtually as if we're in the same room, or (if you prefer) in-person.


Coaching dates are weekly and flexible with your schedule. 
Ready To Invest In Yourself?
Interested, but want to know more?

Contact Sue for a FREE discovery session and find out if my 3 Steps to Business Success is right for you

30 day pro-rata money back GUARANTEE

Valid from the start date of the program, If 3 Steps to Business Success is not working for you, you’ve been doing the work, and we can’t identify a mutually satisfactory way forward, I'll refund your money, minus the month we have invested together.  

Your success is my success

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